Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 of 9 : The Mushroom Rocket

  This is *1 of 9 : The Mushroom Rocket* by Zenon Krause.
It is a large scale interactive sculpture inspired by Paul Stamets & Prototaxities.
It has been a working process to design and build this piece.  It's first showing, in rough form, was at Resonate Chicago 4.0 this past April.  It has been accepted by Burning Man Arts to be built and displayed on playa this year.  We have been given 2 & Past Temple for placement.

Currently I still need certain materials and fuel funds to get the rocket out there.
Am also, in  need of a ticket.
If you can help in any way or are interested in the project- please contact me.  Call preferred.

There are a series of photos below.a

-= Z=-
Camping w/ Hookah Dome (3:30 & Esp) 


And the mushrooms will save the world...

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